Our business is looking after your business IT Solutions

Welcome to TechCube, your solution to small business IT problems

At TechCube we think differently about IT in small businesses. The problem many business owners have is that employing an IT administrator is expensive but very rewarding as their in-house IT then runs very smoothly. The alternative historically has been to contract out to large IT support firms and pay an agreed fee plus charges for any work carried out. This is cheaper, but results in rushed service and no access to basic end user IT support that makes the business run so much smoother.

Our solution is different. You still enter a contract with us, but instead of charging per call-out we work with you to define what services you need and then package them up into a virtual IT administrator. Your staff can then open any IT related support tickets with us and our team will deal with them as if you had in-house IT. No time based billing, no call-out fees, and rapid responses you’d only expect from your own IT Administrator.

Contact us today to find out how we can make IT work for your business.

What if I don’t want a contract?

That’s fine too! We are happy to work on a per-task basis and will simply bill you for time taken or specific task completed. We do this at a much more competitive rate than most IT contract service providers too!

Where do you cover?

We work throughout the south west of England, but mainly covering a corridor covering Plymouth, Exeter, Taunton, Bristol and Bath. If you’re interested in hiring our services, please send us a message or give us a call.