Our Products and Services

TechCube is an IT service provider, with many years experience providing professional and affordable technical support services to both business and domestic customers.

Our main areas of business are commercial IT support contracts, personal (domestic) computer repair and support, and web based product design services including website creation and management.

Our Bespoke Repair Services

Our technicians can quickly diagnose faults with most personal desktop and laptop computers. Software issues can often be resolved immediately, while hardware faults that require spare parts are usually fixed the next day.

Our fees There is no call out fee, so long as we actually carry out work for you (otherwise, a £15 call ouf fee will be charged to cover the cost of sending a technician). We charge a flat hourly rate of £30 for all work carried out at the customer premises, and workshop tasks are billed at a flat rate per task - agreed before any work is carried out. If we have to go away and get parts, you won’t be charged for the initial consulation time.

Commercial Contract Services

Whether you’re a small business with two employees, or a multi-regional limited company, we have a service package to suit your needs. The pricing plans shown here are an example, but we nearly always tailor the product to meet the customer’s needs.

Micro Plan

For startups and small outfits.

£99 / Month
  • 4 hours On-Site Support

  • 6 Hours Remote Support

  • One Location

  • 2 Employees

  • No SLA


Small businesses.

£170 / Month
  • 6 hours On-Site Support

  • 8 Hours Remote Support

  • One Location

  • 5 Employees

  • Basic SLA


For growing teams.

£249 / Month
  • 9 Hours On-Site Support

  • 12 Hours Remote Support

  • One Location

  • 10 Employees

  • Basic SLA


For companies with bigger teams

£349 / Month
  • 15 Hours On-Site Support

  • 20 Hours Remote Support

  • Two Locations

  • 15 Employees

  • Premium SLA

Mini Enterprise

Multi-location bigger businesses

£750 / Month
  • 25 Hours On-Site Support

  • 30 Hours Remote Support

  • Three Locations

  • 25 Employees

  • Premium SLA


Multi-location bigger businesses

  • 30+ Hours On-Site Support

  • 30+ Hours Remote Support

  • Four+ Locations

  • 23+ Employees

  • Custom SLA

Web Design and Hosting

Finding someone to manage your website can be a daunting task, especially with the complexity involved in making a modern website mobile friendly and search engine optimised (SEO). TechCube can help, at a fraction of the cost many big design agencies charge. Like every other aspect of our busiess, we’re open and honest from the start, telling you immediately if we feel we cannot meet your design criteria. We will work with you to find the best design for your site, and help you decide exactly how you want to manage the content in the future.

Below you will find our standard pricing framework, we will base your quote off of this and customise it for your unique requirements. No two websites are the same, so we don’t do one size fits all solutions.

Hosting Only

For existing websites

£64.99 / Year
  • Free migration

  • 15GB webspace

  • Fast, UK servers

  • Unlimited email accounts

  • Free Hosting Support

Basic Website

Templated web design

From £399
  • Includes 1 Year Hosting

  • Customised Design

  • Up to 10 static pages

  • Basic CMS Included

  • Free SEO + Mobile design

Premium Website

Custom web design

From £599
  • Includes 1 Year Hosting

  • Customised Design

  • Unlimited Pages

  • Full CMS System

  • Free SEO + Mobile design